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Child Safety


Over 800,000 children were reported missing last year!  Don't let yours become one!

ATA Martial Arts, in partnership with, is launching a worldwide initiative to help minimize the risk of child abduction through education.  ATA's Kidz 'nkid-safety Power program covers important safety information in a straightforward, non-threatening way including:

  • Break away techniques,
  • Stranger warning signs,
  • Tips to deal with bullies
  • Internet safety precautions


The program uses an interactive DVD featuring Sgt. Safety to teach kids about all types of dangers from bullies, drugs, fire and the most important abduction safety.  This is a must course for any child!



Recently, ATA Martial Arts has joined with to offer the ATA Kidz ‘N Power Child Safety Seminar. It’s designed to teach children how to avoid being a victim; how to be confident and stay safe – all in a fun and non-fearful environment. We offer these seminars to the community free of charge.

If you are interested in helping us reduce those disturbing statistics and keeping our children safe, please contact one of our facilities.  We can arrange for one of our instructors to meet with any civic group or we can organize a special seminar for your group at our ATA Martial Arts. The families that participate will also receive a free finger-printing and identification kit.

We look forward to making a difference with your help. Thank you for your valuable time and your kind attention.