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Why Choose ATA?

ATA Curriculum
The key to choosing a martial arts school is finding a school that will provide results.  Simply ATA schools are the leaders in martial arts curriculum and training both physical and life skills development. We believe that our system of martial arts training can help motivate someone to become a great person.  We are creating leaders one black belt at a time.  We believe see ourselves creating skills for life in individuals using a fun safe martial art.

Family focused atmosphere
We strive to make sure that we involve not just the student but the entire family.  During classes you will see parents watching cheering on their child, being given respect by their child, helping by holding pads for their child or even some lucky parents training right with their special student..  We have set a goal to teach all our younger students life skills and the most important place to see the new results is with their parents at home.   This is why 1 our of every 2 members trains with a family member.

Flexible Schedule
Choose your classes and changes classes according to your schedule. We offer a variety of classes and class times to meet life’s hectic schedule. We call it open scheduling.  Come to your appropriate class whenever you can make it. Come twice, three times or even up to five times a week.  Homework or a soccer game on your regular class?  That’s easy come a different day.  No need to let us know ahead of time.  Open for you to come and go according to your schedule not ours.

The Best Instructors and Staff
The ATA Curriculum and instructors have been developed with over 40 years of research.  Our instructors are the most positive and motivating instructors focused on giving your family the best martial arts experience available.  Our curriculum is always looking to improve to provide the best possible martial arts student.  That means we are training their muscles to grow big and strong, but also teaching their minds to be more confident, disciplined, and respectful.