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ATA Instructors

We do more training and screening than any other martial arts schools in the country – and more than most schools do for full time teachers. Our full time certified instructors go through well over 300 hours of supervised training, written exams, and safety certified including CPR Training. Our instructors are nationally ranked and certified through the American Taekwondo Association. The ATA has made its reputation on being the best when training Instructors. All teaching methods and course development are derived from over 40 years of national research and over 1,500 association schools. Our teaching curriculum is based on the concepts of “positive mental attitude” and “High goal setting”. Our instructors are always there to help students both in class and private lessons to all students. Through the ATA sponsored program of advanced training, our instructors are continuously upgrading their instructional skills.

Instructor / Leader Collars

Junior_LeaderRed/White/Blue : Junior Leader 
A Junior Leader is a person who has set their goal to continue training beyond 1st Degree Black Belt.  Often their goal is 3rd Degree or higher.

TraineeRed : Trainee 
The Student has seen the importance of being a Level-3 Certified Instructor and is pursuing that goal.

Level_1Red/Black : Level-1 Certified Trainer
The student has passed a number of written and physical examinations specific to teaching "Life Skills".  It is the teaching of "Life Skills" that enable us to mold the character of our students, and help them become confident, independent human beings.

Level_2Black/Red/Black : Level-2 Specialty Certified Instructor
The Specialty Certified Instructor has hundreds of hours of practical, on the floor teaching experience supervised by the Chief Instructor.  Not only must they show they have maintained the skills learned as a Certified Trainer, but they must also have mastered Class Planning and Preparation, Class Structure and Class Management.

Level 3Black : Level-3 Certified Instructor 
The Certified Instructor has mastered all levels of Instruction and is certified to teach the entire Songahm system to all ages of students.  Certified Instructors are required to maintain ongoing education in business, instruction and personal Taekwondo skills.