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"Impressed with his public speaking"

When my son started at the karate school, he was incredibly shy, quiet, and so introverted he would try to blend with the environment. Within a few months I noticed him speaking out more often in karate class and his school teachers commented on how much more he was participating in class discussions.

I had the pleasure of being invited to a presentation at his school and was so impressed with his public speaking skills ... in fact, many of the other parents commented that he was the only one they could hear out of the entire class. Tristan grew that confidence at the karate school. Throughout middle school he has developed this confidence into a strong part of his personality and takes on leadership roles, often speaking up to his peers when they make fun of others and choosing to be an example of positive behavior when his peers are not.

These skills impact every decision he makes and will be a part of him for the rest of his life.

Michelle Lindeman