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"Impressed with his public speaking"

When my son started at the karate school, he was incredibly shy, quiet, and so introverted he would try to blend with the environment. Within a few months I noticed him speaking out more often in karate class and his school teachers commented on how much more he was participating in class discussions.

I had the pleasure of being invited to a presentation at his school and was so impressed with his public speaking skills ... in fact, many of the other parents commented that he was the only one they could hear out of the entire class. Tristan grew that confidence at the karate school. Throughout middle school he has developed this confidence into a strong part of his personality and takes on leadership roles, often speaking up to his peers when they make fun of others and choosing to be an example of positive behavior when his peers are not.

These skills impact every decision he makes and will be a part of him for the rest of his life.

Michelle Lindeman

"Karate for Kids... brought our family together"

Joining Karate for Kids in Gladstone, MO has brought our family together unlike anything we have done as a family. We tried soccer, baseball, boy scouts, and even football. We were always looking for something we could all get involved in, as a family, allowing us to support one another. After trying out with a competitive boy's football team for two weeks, I realized that the boys were not enjoying the sport or the teamwork aspects of the sport, so I gave them the option to walk away and try something else. We took a long break from extracurricular activities and took our time in searching for our next family adventure.

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More Confidence

"My daughter Sophia Wathen who is in the leadership class at the Gladstone school loves it! She has much respect for Mr. Palmer and Senior Master Wenenn as her instructors. I've seen her improve in self respect and more confidence within herself since starting at the school. When class ends each day doesn't mean she leaves the lesson behind she carries it with her through her daily life. Thanks again for all your strong leadership. You teach more than just sparring, belt testing and medals won at tournaments but lessons these kids will carry with then for life. I'm honored to be a parent of a child who is an ATA student."   

Janessa Mesh


Thank You

I have to say thank you, you have done more for my son than you could possibly know. Not only have you helped him with karate but you have also given me a tool to work with so he has something to look forward to.


A Positive Difference...

Avery is really getting into sparring! A testimony to what a positive difference a kind, encouraging, motivating instructor can make in a child's life!